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P1075 Product Detail

1075 Pistol Case

P1075 Product Detail

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Small Pelican Cases

Overview & Features

 Hard pistol case - Locking pistol case Pelican P1075 Pistol Case

Looking for a hard pistol case, a locking pistol case? Check out our Pelican P1075 Pistol Case

Designed to fit: Pistols, Revolvers & Magazines Watertight to 3.3 feet for 30 minutes (Not for swimming or diving use) Customizable Pick N Pluck™ Foam Lockable Hasps Shoulder Strap Included

When space is at a premium, you need the ultra slim Pelican ProGear BODY: ABS LATCH: ABS PURGE BODY: Polycarbonate LID O-RING: EPDM PURGE VENT: PTFE PINS: Stainless Steel PURGE O-RING: 70 Shore Nitrile

pistol hard case


Exterior Length (Inches):12.38000
Exterior Width (Inches):9.75000
Exterior Depth (Inches):2.13000

Interior Length (Inches):11.11000
Interior Width (Inches):7.92000
Interior Depth (Inches):1.63000

Lid Depth (Inches):0.81000
Bottom Depth (Inches):0.81000


Weight With Foam (Lbs):1.54000
Weight No Foam (Lbs):1.41000


Available Product Colors


The standard color is black. Products in other colors require a higher order quantity.

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