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1535 AIR Product Detail

1535 AIR Product Detail

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Pelican Air

Overview & Features

1535 Air Case Light Case Pelican case carry on

1535 Air Case Medium light Case is a wheeled Pelican case carry on and Pelican camera case. The automatic purge valve keeps water and dust out while balancing the air pressure. Super light weight polymer case making this lightweight cases with wheels.

You can get custom cut foam for pelican cases. Logo on the foam. Contact us for custom cut foam for Pelican cases quotes. Order custom cut Pelican
foam today for all of your Pelican cases.

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Exterior Length (Inches):21.96000
Exterior Width (Inches):11.97000
Exterior Depth (Inches):8.98000

Interior Length (Inches):20.39000
Interior Width (Inches):11.20000
Interior Depth (Inches):7.20000

Lid Depth (Inches):2.00000
Bottom Depth (Inches):5.21000


Weight With Foam (Kg):8.69000


Available Product Colors


The standard color is black. Products in other colors require a higher order quantity.

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