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SMACXXXX-XX/XX/XX Product Detail

Rackmount Case SuperMAC

SMACXXXX-XX/XX/XX Product Detail

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Pelican / Hardigg Rackmount

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Rackmount Case SuperMAC™

A space-saving, lightweight case with a removable rack option. - Protection for equipment from 20-200 lbs. - Equipment typically will have 40-70 G fragility. - Ideal for field-deployed equipment and sheltered applications. Typical uses include control consoles and panels, radar and microwave antennas, solid-state circuit electronics, or radio, TV and communications equipment.

Rackmount Case for Shipping Servers, Computers and Studio Equipment: When it comes to transporting and protecting equipment in use, nobody matches Pelican-Hardigg’s experience or dedication. Rackmount case for servers, computers, and studio equipment. Please contact us for fast delivery.




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