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2410PL Product Detail

Pelican stealthlite 2410 PL Photo Luminescent LED

2410PL Product Detail

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Medium Lights

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Pelican stealthlite 2410 PL Photo Luminescent LED Flashlight

The Pelican stealthlite 2410 PL Photo Luminescent LED Flashlight is popular with firefighters and adventure seekers. Same features as the StealthLite 2400 Flashlight
but is LED and is outfitted with a lens ring that emits a bright glow in the dark. The new generation photo luminescent material in the plastic absorbs the energy from any
light source - fluorescent lights, the sun, or even the flashlight's own beam. No more fumbling in the dark for your flashlight.< /p> Built Pelican tough Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence.

The unique easy slide thumb switch on the Pelican StealthLite 2410 PL Flashlight is easy to operate, even with gloves. The tough resin body is corrosion proof and resistant to extreme temperatures. The Xenon lamp is powered by 4 AA alkaline cells (included) for a bright beam that penetrates thick smoke, fog, and dust. This light is submersible and can be used for diving.

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Exterior Length (Inches):7.00000



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