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1965 Product Detail

Pelican1965 MityLite brightest pocket flashlight

1965 Product Detail

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Pelican Flashlight 1965 MityLite best pocket flashlight Brightest pocket flashlight

The Pelican Flashlight 1965 MityLite is the best pocket fashlight with a super bright high lumens making it the brightest pocket flashlight. It is waterproof and makes great lighting for the police, military for safety lights. The Pelican Flashlight 1965 is part of the Pelican Lights popular MityLite™ 190. 

YOUR WORLDWIDE PASSPORT THROUGH HAZARDOUS LOCATIONS While working in hazardous locations, remember a flashlight can be an ignition source. When you need the latest and brightest LED technology in a compact form factor, choose the new MITYLITE™ 1965 LED from Pelican. Small enough to fit in your shirt pocket, yet bright enough to illuminate your work area. Long lasting, energy efficient, bright LEDs, along with a compact package make the new MITYLITE™ 1965 LED the safety approved light for the job.

Pelican Flashlight 1965 led brightest pocket flashlight. Shop TSA for all Pelican best pocket Flashlights. Call us today.


Exterior Length (Inches):5.48000



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