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0955 Product Detail

0955 Sports Wallet

0955 Product Detail

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Micro Pelican Cases

Overview & Features

0955 Pelican Sports Wallet 

This sport wallet is unique. It is made out of a poly carbonate with Elastomer body foam making it tough and a great protector case. The latch is ABS and the lid ring is made of silicon rubber making this Pelicah 0955 sports wallet water, dust resistant, and crush proof.
It containds a mesh pocket organization with rigid protection to holds your keys, ID, cards, drivers license and cash. This will keep all of you valuables safe and dry. This ProGear sports wallet is small enough to be placed in your pocket.  It also has a lanyard included.



Exterior Length (Inches):5.55000
Exterior Width (Inches):3.27000
Exterior Depth (Inches):0.85000

Interior Length (Inches):4.79000
Interior Width (Inches):2.25000
Interior Depth (Inches):0.55000



Available Product Colors


The standard color is black. Products in other colors require a higher order quantity.

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