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AL2318-1705 Product Detail

AL2318-1705 Pelican Hardigg Shipping cases Cube

AL2318-1705 Product Detail

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Pelican Single Lid

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AL2318-1705 Pelican Hardigg shipping Case Cube Case

The whole line of Pelican's Hardigg single lid shipping cases meet the ATA requirements and and MIL-SPEC requirements.  Every part of these cases are designed to give ultimate dependabilty, durabilty, and protection.

This AL2318-1705 Pelican Hardigg Shipping cases Cube Case single lid is molded-in with tongue-in-groove gasketed parting lines for splash resistance and tight seals, even after impact. These hard AL2318-1705 Pelican Hardigg Shipping cases Cube Case have reinforced corners and edges for additional impact protection and Pelican's patented Comfort Grip Handles. In addition this heavy duty  Pelican's Hardigg single lid case has recessed hardware for extra protection with positive anti-shear locks which prevent lid separation after impact and reduce stress on hardware.

The Molded-in ribs and corrugations on these single lid  AL2318-1705 Pelican Hardigg Shipping cases Cube Case single lid transport cases make for secure non-slip stacking with columnar strength and added protection. This single lid transport case is made of one piece construction and is molded from lightweight high-impact polyethylene. Each of these  Pelican's Hardigg single lid transport cases meet the ATA and MTL Spec requirements. Great for transporting military gear, weapons and small equipment.

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Exterior Length (Inches):25.87000
Exterior Width (Inches):20.93000
Exterior Depth (Inches):24.24000

Interior Length (Inches):22.87000
Interior Width (Inches):17.93000
Interior Depth (Inches):22.30000

Lid Depth (Inches):5.12000
Bottom Depth (Inches):17.18000


Weight No Foam (Lbs):29.10000


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