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IM2950 Product Detail

IM2950 Product Detail

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Pelican Storm Cases

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im2950| Pelican Storm Case |GoPro Pelican Case

im2950 Pelican Storm Case GoPro Pelican Case has a nice selection of im2950 Pelican storm case in many different colors. This im2950 storm case is a large case. im2950 Pelican Storm Case GoPro Pelican Case is watertight, crush proof, dust proof with two press & pull latches, pad lockable hasps double-layered, a soft grip handle, and Vortex® valve. The im2875 Pelican Storm Case has powerful hingesand is made of light weight strong HPX resin. It comes with a Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence, The Pelican Storm Case is built similar to the Pelican Protector Case, with one major difference. The Pelican Storm Case has a unique press and pull latch that locks automatically, but opens with a light touch easily making it the prefect Protector Case, Storm Case, custom pelican case.

For im2950 Pelican Storm Case GoPro Pelican Case Design and custom foam, contact us. Our specialists will help you design the exact case or custom foam for your equipment. Call TSA today for commercial quotes.


Exterior Length (Inches):31.30000
Exterior Width (Inches):20.40000
Exterior Depth (Inches):12.20000

Interior Length (Inches):29.00000
Interior Width (Inches):18.00000
Interior Depth (Inches):10.50000

Lid Depth (Inches):2.00000
Bottom Depth (Inches):8.50000


Weight With Foam (Lbs):28.70000
Weight No Foam (Lbs):20.80000


Available Product Colors

OD Green

The standard color is black. Products in other colors require a higher order quantity.

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