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1610M Product Detail

Pelican 1610 Mobility Protector Case Rolling Case

1610M Product Detail

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Large Pelican Cases

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Pelican 1610 Mobility Pelican Protector Case Rolling Case Custom Cut Foam 

The Pelican 1610 Mobility rolling case is a large hard case that is part of the Pelican protector case line and is water proof, crush proof, and a dust proof. It comes with a Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence. The Pelican 1610 Mobility rolling case has 4" diameter x 1.5" wide (10.2 x 3.8cm) heavy duty polyurethane wheels with stainless steel bearings and Retractable extension handle. The 2 level Pick N Pluck™ with convoluted lid foam that can be customized to design your own custom cut foam. The automatic Pressure Equalization Valve balances interior pressure and keeps water out. The Open cell core with solid wall design is strong and light weight. This 1610 Mobility rolling case Pelican protector case comes in different colors. The Pelican 1610 is perfect for transporting and protecting cameras, laptops, guns,equipment and more. The 1610 Mobility Pelican Case is a great travel case and makes a wonderful hard rifle case, hard camera case or laptop hard case for travel.

The Pelican 1610 Mobility rolling case and foam can be customized for your particular needs. Contact us for custom Pelican case foam quotes. Order Custom cut foam today for all of your Pelican cases.


Exterior Length (Inches):26.20000
Exterior Width (Inches):23.00000
Exterior Depth (Inches):13.68000

Interior Length (Inches):21.78000
Interior Width (Inches):16.69000
Interior Depth (Inches):10.62000

Lid Depth (Inches):2.05000
Bottom Depth (Inches):8.57000


Weight No Foam (Lbs):26.30000


Available Product Colors


The standard color is black. Products in other colors require a higher order quantity.

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